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Quality of Life in Clay County AlabamaClay County Alabama Economic Development Council

When Robert Frost wrote “A Road Less Traveled”, he must have just visited Clay County. He must have hiked to the top of Mt. Cheaha, then rode his horse down what is now Highway 49. Surely, he spoke with old-timers about the tranquility and beauty that help make Clay County one of the most special places to live in Alabama.

Located in east central Alabama, Clay County is just far enough away from big city life – yet centrally located between Atlanta, Gadsden, Montgomery and Birmingham – to bring back those wonderful memories of porch swings and ice cold sweet tea.

Clay County is home to some of the state’s most inspiring natural beauty. Lakes so unspoiled that you can see the bottom, majestic mountain terrain, trees that stand tall through generations of growth. Living here tends to put people at peace. From lifelong residents to newbies, there are plenty of reasons folks choose to live here.

We’re proud of our excellent county school system. And especially proud of our newest facility which opened in 2012 – Central High School of Clay County serves grades 7-12. This facility has the latest technology infrastructure available, along with equipment for the 21st Century Classrooms.

All Clay County School locations including the Central Office and Bus Shop are connected by 1 GB fiber network. Centralized software includes INOW for student management and parental access, transportation software Fleetrunner, Atriuum for library media management, SchoolCast for emergency staff and student notification.

Clay County is small town America at its finest. A true community full of friendly folks who know how to support each other. We’re “Friday Night Lights.” We’re a helping neighbor. We still respect and take care of our elders. We’re friends helping friends.

Our workforce is educated, loyal, and ready to help you and your company be a success. We invite you to visit Clay County, Alabama and discover why this less traveled road can make all the difference in the world.

For more information, contact the Clay County Economic Development Council office at 256-396-2828. Plus, visit other areas of this website to learn more about Clay County … Start Here! or use the links below.

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