Clay County, Alabama


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Healthcare in Clay County

Quality Care for Our Communities

From prenatal to long-term nursing, healthcare in Clay County is important to the medical community. The importance is so great, healthcare providers have become one of the largest employers in the county.

With well over 20 separate medical offices including chiropractic care, dentistry, pediatrics, and other specialites, families can keep everyone healthy and happy with the abundance of high quality medical services in Clay County.

Clay County Alabama Wellness Center

Clay County Wellness Center

Clay County Hospital, located centrally in Ashland, provides many of the same services found in larger cities’ hospitals including: a variety of radiology services, physical and occupational therapy, emergency room, Hospice, cardiology clinic and a sleep lab.

Clay County Healthcare Authority

Learn more at the CCHA website.

      • Clay County Hospital is an acute care hospital with 53 licensed beds. 256-354-2131
      • Clay County Nursing Home has 83 certified Medicare/Medicaid beds. 256-354-1202
      • Twin Oaks Assisted Living Facility has 16 licensed beds. 256-396-6221
      • Clay County Health & Wellness Center. 256-354-1260
      • Clay County Hospital Durable Medical Equipment. 256-354-2509

Other Healthcare Facilities

AltaPointe Health – Clay County outpatient office

AltaPointe offers numerous locations where patients may visit our healthcare professionals in Mobile, Baldwin, and Washington counties in the Mobile Bay Region of Alabama as well as in Clay, Coosa, Randolph and Talladega counties in east-central Alabama.

83900 HWY 9 Ashland, Al 36251                                                                                                                                                 256-279-5656

Ashland Pharmacy
83074 Hwy 9, Ashland

Clay County Health Department
86892 Hwy 9, Lineville

Clay County Chiropractic
85430 Hwy 9, Ashland, AL 36251

Clay County Hospital Home Care
(operated by LHC Group)
83825 Highway 9, Ashland

Lineville Clinic & Pharmacy
60026 Highway 49, Lineville

Lineville Dental Office
454 Denson Dr, Lineville

Lineville Health and Rehabilitation
88073 Highway 9, Lineville

Steele Chiropractic Life Center
89485 Hwy 9, Lineville

The Drug Store
83871 Highway 9, Ashland, AL 36251

Young’s Drug Store
60140 Hwy 49, Lineville, AL 36266

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