Clay County, Alabama

Clay County At A Glance

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Clay County At A Glance


Population, 2022 estimate
Clay County 14,237
City of Ashland 2,464
City of Lineville 1,955

Economic Profile

Households, 2017-2021
Median Household Income, 2021: $45,163
Per Capita Income, (2011 dollars), 2021: $26,255

Labor (2021)

Labor Force (2021) 3,718


Property Tax – Effective tax rate in Clay County is $17.50 per $1,000 of property at fair market value. This rate applies to all land, buildings, machinery, equipment, and inventory. Municipalities of Ashland and Lineville have additional property taxes. Learn more about Clay County property taxes at the Clay County Revenue Commissioner website.

Sales Tax – Clay County has a  2% local sales tax in addition to the 4% state sales tax. The City of Ashland has a 3% local sales tax in addition to the 4% state sales tax. The City of Lineville has a 3% local sales tax in addition to the 4% state sales tax.  See all Clay County and City Sales Tax – Click here.

Alabama Income Tax – is 4%.


Electric Power – Clay County is served by Alabama Power and  Tallapoosa River Electric Cooperative.

Water and Sewer

City of Lineville – Water & Sewer
City of Ashland – Water & Sewer
Clay County – Water Service to most communities. See Water Authority Boards at Contact Page.


CenturyLink – Countywide

Propane and Natural Gas

Multiple propane suppliers. Natural gas provided by East Central Alabama Gas District to specific areas. For more info, call 256-354-2194.

Public Services

Fire Protection: 100 trained volunteer personnel, 18 volunteer fire stations, 6 rescue trucks, 10 tankers, 9 engines, Fire insurance classification 6 in city.

Emergency Services

Three 24-hour staffed ambulances. Enhanced 911 systems. Lifeforce Air emergency services.

Police Protection

Clay County Sheriff’s Department Officers: 25; Alabama State Patrol Officers: 10; Ashland Police Department Officers: 9; Lineville Police Department Officers: 4 full time, 3 part time.

Solid Waste

Home service provided by private contractors or individuals may use the Clay County Landfill. Business solid waste removal provided by AGL Solid Waste. For more info, call 256-354-5803.


Clay County has no zoning ordinance but does require a permit for a septic tank. Ashland and Lineville have limited zoning ordinances.

For detailed information and demographics, see: Clay County Economic Development Council website.

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