What To Do in Clay County


What to Do in Clay County

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Words such as beauty, community, serenity only scratch the surface of describing Clay County and all it’s natural beauty and everything it has to offer. You just have to see it to believe it.

Outdoor adventures abound in Clay County and the surrounding area. The county is home to parts of Cheaha State Park in the Talladega National Forest and R.L. Harris Dam (Lake Wedowee) on the eastern boundary. The Pinhoti Trail system weaves its way through the Talladega National Forest to Mt. Cheaha, the highest point in Alabama. Hikers and bikers along the trail may spy some of the local wildlife, including whitetail deer, wild turkey and the rare bald eagle. There is also the TSALAGI Trail system – four driving trails that offer different experiences and sights throughout the county. Small lakes dot the county, providing many opportunities for water play and fishing. Learn more through the following links:

Piedmont Plateau Birding Trails Clay County Alabama
Piedmont Plateau Birding Trail

From the edges of the black belt to the Southern Appalachians, the PPBT offers over 3.6 million acres to explore with several excellent sites in Clay County. East Central Alabama is a pathway during Spring and Fall migration.

Clay County Public Fishing Lakes: The land to the left (east) of the entrance road provides an opportunity to survey old-field habitat. Expect Eastern meadowlark, Northern bobwhite, and Field sparrow throughout the year. Red-tailed hawks hunt here, and this is a good spot for Great horned-owl.  Look for Wild turkeys along the edges of the fields, particularly at dawn and dusk. More Info.

Lineville City Park: Excellent birding site with two lakes. See American goldfinches, Common yellowthroats, Prairie warblers, Yellow-breasted chats, Eastern towhees, Field sparrows and the possible Loggerhead shrikes and American Kestrels. More Info.

Ashland City Park: The Park is 27 acres, with walking paths, creek, mixed hardwood and pine. The land to the left (east) of the entrance road provides an opportunity to survey old-field habitat. Expect Eastern meadowlark, Northern bobwhite, and Field sparrow throughout the year. Red-tailed hawks hunt here, and this is a good spot for Great horned-owl.  Look for Wild turkeys along the edges of the fields, particularly at dawn and dusk. More Info.

Flat Rock Park Clay County Alabama
Flat Rock Park

Day-use park. Swimming, picnicking, fishing and a short nature trail await. The unique location sits on 25 acres of granite with excellent access to beautiful Lake Wedowee. Address: 7115 CR 870 Wedowee, AL 36278 Phone: 256-396-2338. Hours of Operation: May-Sept. 9 am-8 pm. Admission Fee. Family fun, fishing, hiking, swimming, trails. Go>Learn More

Talladega National Forest
Talladega National Forest

The Talladega National Forest offers a peaceful atmosphere that is filled with wild game, camping, and hiking utopias. The forest also features picturesque scenic waterfalls throughout its striking setting. The total Forest covers 392,567 acres (613.39 sq mi, or 1,588.66 km2) at the southern edge of the Appalachian Mountains. Go>Learn More

Alabama Gold Camp
Alabama Gold Camp

Prospecting for gold is something that just about everyone has wanted to try at least once.  No thrill can compare with the excitement of seeing even just a few flakes of gold glittering in the black sand at the bottom of your pan.  Located in the heart of Alabama’s gold belt, with miles of creek to pan, sluice, dredge, high-bank, and metal detect. Go>Learn More

Clay County Alabama Public Golf Course
Clay County Public Golf Course

To round out a completely outdoorsy week or weekend, visit Clay County Public Golf Course in Ashland. The serene nine-hole course is great for relaxing, spending time with friends and family, and of course, working on the golf swing. Go>Learn More

Tsalagi Riding Trails Clay County Alabama

“Best kept secret in Alabama.” The TSALAGI Trails (pronounced Ja-la-gee meaning Cherokee Trails) of Clay County Alabama: four unique road trips that take you through the back roads of Clay County and for some, to places you have only dreamed about. Any one of the four TSALAGI Trails provide a great day trip from Birmingham, Montgomery, Columbus, LaGrange, or Atlanta.  Order the Tsalagi Trail map from the Chamber Store.

Gana Trail
58 mile mostly dirt road trail that allows you to ford two creeks, a third creek is an option. See a Treasure Forest, a waterfall, and some of the prettiest mountain scenery in Alabama.
NO TSI Trail
Why you have a sports car! Curves, hills, top down, beautiful scenery, Ashland’s Historic Court House, and Antique Shops.
Wa Lo Si Trail
A laid back, easy trail that takes you back in time. Visit Lake Wedowee and Harris Dam, Flat Rock Park, Historic Cragford, and Patterson’s Flats, where the Cherokee camped out on their way to the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.
A WI Trail
A great motorcycle trail with 242 curves in its 76.5 mile course, with off shoots to Cheaha Mountain, a gold mine and camping. Tighten your seat beat and hold on to the handle bars! This one is very popular.

Clay County Public Fishing Lakes
Clay County Public Fishing Lakes

Three lakes of 13-, 23-, and 38-acres make up Clay County Lakes. Clay County Lakes are located 1 mile west of the east central Alabama town of Delta on State Lake Road. Bass, Bluegill, Redear Sunfish, Catfish, and Crappie. The rules of what may be kept are posted at each lake, check to see what types and sizes of fish may be kept.   Go>Learn More

Pinhoti Hiking Trail
Pinhoti Hiking Trail

A national recreation trail, is the pride of Alabama hikers. This 100+ mile long path is the backbone of a trail system second to none in the state as it meanders through rolling hillsides, up rocky crags, past mountain streams and waterfalls, and the panoramic vistas atop the mountains of the Talladega National Forest. Go>Learn More

Mountain View Plantation
Mountain View Plantation

Enjoy hunting on lands owned and managed exclusively by Mountain View Plantation. Experience the thrill of hunting with expert guides and world class bird dogs as they point covey after covey of explosive Bobwhite Quail, cackling Pheasants and fast flying Chukars for you and your hunting companions. Go>Learn More

Cheaha State Park Alabama
Cheaha State Park

A 2,799-acre state park in Alabama, located in northern Clay and southwestern Cleburne counties. The park, which is Alabama’s oldest continuously operating state park, encompasses Cheaha Mountain, the highest point in the state. Birding, hiking, camping, and waterfalls. Go>Learn More

Nubbin Creek Trail Talladgea National Forest
High Falls

Hikers will be overwhelmed with the beauty of High Falls. A short hike out hidden in one of the many forests of Clay County, this is one of the most beautiful and serene areas anywhere in the state. Go>Learn More

Annual Events

Check out these great, fun annual events. Make plans now to attend.

Clay County

Year Round
Ashland’s 2nd Saturday on the Square
Ashland Square – All day event

Karaoke Night at The Historic Ashland Theatre
2nd Friday Night each month 6-8 p.m.- $2 admission